BUILD 2021


Experience the hard-edged skills, strategies, and tactics leveraged by a half-million strong community building a more just, inclusive, and sustainable world.


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Watch a Preview
Watch a Preview

The Summit - June 17th, 2021

The summit adds to and aggregates the best of Build 2021 into a one-day event that spans multiple time-zones. Join live keynotes and panels or binge replays alongside other community members. Sign-up below to get unfettered access to the community, conference, and summit.

Access to the Summit is on a pay-what-you-want basis. We don't want to restrict access to this important event so register today!

5 Weeks of Events and a Lifetime of Support

Build 2021 blends a conference and community experience into one. Each week there will be different events in a range of timezones. You can join only those events that matter to you, your role or work, and then connect with like-minded community members throughout the conference — and long after it’s ended.

Each week has a unique theme and set of events designed to explore the pitfalls, problems, and solutions we’ve seen asked or overcome by the Acumen Academy Community of social innovators.

Week 5

The Summit

June 17th

Lessons from Building a Circular Economy

June 17th

Making the Pandemic Pivot: Learning Resilience in Spite of COVID-19

June 17th

In Conversation with Jacqueline Novogratz

June 17th

Branding: Past, Present, and Future from Acumen’s Resident Expert

June 17th

Getting to scale: 3 steps to achieving your ambitions

June 17th

Envisioning the Future of the Acumen Academy Community

Week Two

Build Value — Learn to design thoughtful value propositions and deploy technology while avoiding associated pitfalls.

Week Three

Build Impact — develop the data capabilities, impact models, and relationships needed to drive change.

Week Four

Build Sustainability — navigate the complexities of securing funding and achieving financial stability.

Week Five

Build Scale — redefine success and persevere through pivots to grow revenue and impact.

Speakers and Connections

The majority of speakers, panelists, and workshop leaders are from the Acumen Academy Community. They’re practitioners — builders — who are facing, overcoming, and learning from the same challenges you’re likely to encounter in your day to day work. Once the conference closes, the conversations and connections established throughout the 5-weeks will continue on with fellow community members.