Build 2022 Conference


Embark on a two-day community-based conference that will teach us to reimagine our climate footprint, increase conservation efforts, and build a more sustainable world.


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Watch a Preview
Watch a Preview

In a climate crisis that disproportionately impacts the poor, it is imperative we act now to design new solutions that both address inequality and repair our damaged ecosystems.

Climate resilience is about changing a system we’ve collectively created. It means taking individual action to grow collective action and build climate resilience across communities.

We must tap into our own strengths and embrace the idea that our individual actions can make a difference. Whether you’re a leader, follower, or a contributor, the climate resilience of our people and planet depends on our collective ability to be moved by positive change.

Build Climate Resilience is a conference designed to both celebrate and inspire that positive movement. Will you join us?

2 Days of Events and a Lifetime of Community

The 2-day Conference is created for and inspired by the power of community.

Our events are designed to inspire hope and provide our attendees with tools, building blocks, and solutions to activate climate resilience across the globe. If you’re looking to know more, do more, or say more about climate change — this conference is for you. 

Register today and prepare to grow your individual and collective role combating climate change alongside our community of social innovators.


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Tuesday, June 28


Wednesday, June 29

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